We have a very large collection of natural and stunning hand selected agate slices in stock. We have individual high quality singles and sets. Every agate slice is individually selected to ensure it fits our criteria.  Some of the larger Agate Slices are suitable for table tops, and currently we have some underlit table bases in stock which look truly spectacular. We have a range of stands to display most pieces, and we are working on further uses, such as sconces. Some of the larger pieces have been incorporated into tables.

Our Agates come principally from Brazil and Uruguay, because the choice and quality is generally excellent. We d not stock dyed agates, as we believe, there is no need to enhance these pieces. For more on the formation of agates please click here

Not all pieces are shown, so please contact us for your specific needs. We are very happy to send you more images.

To see our tables please click here. Please have a look at our instagram page for new arrivals