Petrified Wood Tables & Stools

Petrified Wood Tables and Stools make wonderful additions to classical or contemporary living spaces.They have extraordinary presence, as befits a piece of furniture that is 20,000,000 years old.

The Tables and Stools come in two finishes, Top Polished or Full Polished.

Petrified wood is formed when a tree or branch is submerged in mineral rich sediment for millenia. This most probably occurs as a result of a natural disaster, for example, where volcanic ash or a mudslide covers a forest. Because of this the wood is initially preserved due to the lack of oxygen in an anaerobic environment. Over the course of millions of years the organic parts of the wood; the cellulose and lignin in the trees cells are gradually replaced by the mineral deposits flowing through the sediment or mud. The petrified wood retains its original form and in many cases the trees growth rings can be clearly seen, at a microscopic level even cells can be observed.

We have over 100 pieces and around 20 tonnes of Petrified Wood therefore not all pieces are shown, so please contact us for your specific needs, or if you wish to see more of a particular stone. Because of the large quantity of pieces we have a dedicated Petrified Wood site, please click here to visit.

Please see our other website dedicated to Petrified Wood, exclusively. Click here