Caring for your Stones

Petrified Wood

We recommend Renaissance Wax, a museum grade microcrystaline wax, for general care of Petrified Wood. This can be applied every six months to give a protective coating.

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If Petrified Wood is exposed to strong sustained sunlight, the darker areas can turn lighter. Should this be undesirable, baby oil, as it is very fine, is able to penetrated the pores of the stone and reverse the lightening of the fossil. It should be rubbed in, using small increments until the stone becomes saturated. Wipe off the excess, leave for a while and then reapply if necessary. Polish using Renaissance Wax .

A quick fix can be used by applying an aerosol beeswax.

For a more extreme protection Lithofin Stainstop can be used.


Most crystals can be cleaned in warm water, and then thoroughly dried, and then buffed. No chemicals should be used. We also have access to a Cotswold spring. This very pure water is excellent for cleaning and maintaining crystals. Please contact us should you want some.