Fine Minerals & Fossils for designers and Collectors

Stonefish Minerals and Fossils

Since founding Stonefish in 2000, Stephane Michaelis has been traveling the world to find new and exciting fine Minerals and Fossils for designers and collectors to add to the extensive collection that is sold from London and a barn in the Cotswolds.

We have hundreds of different fine Minerals and Fossils from all over the world listed on the website. This represents a small exemplary selection of the pieces we have in stock.



We are proud to present one of the largest collections of Petrified Wood Tables and Stools in Europe. We also have a very large stock of Agate Slices from small sets to huge pieces, Crystals and semi precious stones from Madagascar and Brazil, Malachite from the DRC and Lapis from Afghanistan, Selenite from New Mexico and Morocco, Pyrite from Spain, Peru and Illinois.

Based in London UK, and also a warehouse in the Cotswolds.

As we are frequently on buying trips we update our stock regularly.If there is a mineral or fossil that you need, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Please see our dedicated website for Petrified Wood, click here

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Using fossils and minerals in a functional way has always been one of the missions we have.

We were pioneers in Madagascar, having incredulous craftsmen make bowls from Labradorite, Septarian and Orbicular Jasper.

In Indonesia, we were, again, pioneers in making dishes from Petrified Wood, cutlery too. (sadly too expensive to continue!). We even made a humidor.

Now, using other materials, such as agates and selenites we have started making tables in a contemporary style. Please click here to see some examples. Furniture includes, Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Console Tables, Benches, and Lamps. We have also made backlit end tables with Agate tops.

** New display stands with Petrified Wood Bases. These are unique and have never been made before.**