Petrified Wood Sculptures


Ref: sfuk8412
Height: 600mm
Diameter: 580mm
Weight: 74kg
  Ref: sfuk8402
Height: 740mm
Diameter: 100mm
Weight: 10kg

Vertical Slice of Petrified Wood

Ref: sfuk8431
Height: 970mm
Diameter: 540mm
Weight: 87kg


Reference: SFOJ7601

Diameter: 300mm

Height: 1360mm



Reference: SFOJ7603

Diameter: 300 mm

Height: 310 mm



Reference: SFOJ8014

Diameter: 200 mm

Height: 1070 mm



Reference: SFOJ7622

Diameter: 190 mm

Height: 700 mm




Reference: SFOJ7619.


Height: 800mm



Reference: SFOJ7617

Diameter: 240mm

Height: 830mm




Reference: SFOJ7608

Diameter: 120mm

Height: 470mm







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Stonefish has been importing Petrified Wood and other geological wonders for over 10 years and supplying them to Clients and Interior Designers all around the world. Stonefish specialises in bespoke furniture commissions, and relishes the challenges of sourcing the 'right' pieces.

Welcome to Stonefish uk. Based in London, United Kingdom we supply Petrified Wood Side Tables, Petrified Wood End Tables, Petrified Wood Bowls, Petrified Wood Coasters, Petrified Wood Stools, Indonesian Petrified Wood, Fossil Wood furniture Orthoceras Marble Obsidian, Volcanic Glass, Siliciifed Wood, Fossil Marble, Ammonites, Rock Crystal, Labradorite, Septarian, Orbicular Jasper Petrified wood Furniture, fossil wood furniture, Selenite and Amethyst We specialise in Decorative Art and Furniture., Stephane Michaelis, an Interior Design based in .London, England sources all these pieces himself.ed Kingdom UK