Orthoceras marble

All dimensions approximate

This varied and beautiful marble is mined on the edge of the Sahara desert, when it formed part of a great prehistoric ocean. The Orthoceras, the fossil remains that dominate this stone, were part of the Nautiloid family, primitive marine cephalopods, related to the present day Nautilus.

The shell of the Orthoceras is shaped like a cylindrical cone. Out of the wide end a squid like body would protrude. Orthoceras swam horizontally, and scavenged for food, but would also capture and consume small animals, sometimes of its own species.

The time range of Orthoceras was from the Ordovician (500 million years ago) to the Palaeozoic era (400 million years ago).

Skilled craftsmen work all of the marble locally, and it comes in two ranges; counter and table tops, and dishes and bowls.

  SFEM 1 -- Black Orthoceras Plate 300 mm Diameter
  SFEM 2 -- Brown Orthoceras Plate 300 mm Diameter
  SFEM 3 -- Brown Octagonal Orthoceras Plate 300 mm Diameter
  SFEM 5 -- Black Orthoceras Key Bowl 250 *150 mm
  SFEM 8 -- Black Orthoceras Large Bowl 300 mm Diameter
  SFEM 9 -- Brown Orthoceras Octagonal Platter 400 mm Diameter
  SFEM 10 -- Black Orthoceras Oval Platter 500 *300 mm
  SFEM 11 -- Brown Orthoceras Oval Platter 500 *300 mm





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